Newsletter – May 2015

My Darling Children!

We’re on to May! What an exciting month! We’re having so much fun this spring playing in the water, going to lagoon, and playing at home. It’s so much fun to be outside after the cold of winter, but it’s already starting to get hot!

Twig, you’re a hoot. We’ve been talking about spelling your name and you love going around chanting M-E-R-E and even finger spell it, but you insist that Mere in your name, not Meredith! Every time I try to say your full name is Meredith, you politely disagree. Then maybe not-so-politely disagree. Clearly, that silly birth certificate thing is wrong.

You also really started playing with Banana this month. Mostly you like to sit back and let Peanut do the big sister stuff, which is fine, but over this month something shifted. Now you love to be the one to make him laugh. You ask to have him sit in your lap, which is pretty comical for how big he’s getting. You pick him up, which is both comical and terrifying from my perspective. He just adores you too.

Peanut, you finished kindergarten this month! It’s pretty bittersweet because we both just loved your teacher, but you’re super excited for next year. You already met your first grade teacher and you thought she was just great. I also think you’re enjoying being at home over the summer, though you often complain of being bored.

You also lost a tooth this month! Your very first one, that has been loose for ages. I noticed that your adult tooth was actually coming in behind the old one, so I told you that you needed to wiggle it a bunch and started wiggling it myself too. I think you were avoiding wiggling it because you didn’t like how it felt. Anyway, all that wiggling finally paid off and it came out. You even took it to school to show everyone. Then, of course, we realized the one next to it was loose too!

Lastly, you started reading aloud to your sister. I just love it. She doesn’t always stick around when you take a minute sounding something out and sometimes you don’t want her to listen, but other times I come upstairs to find you both enthralled in a book. It’s awesome.

Banana, you hit a lot of milestones this month! Out of nowhere you started clapping and waving, both of which you just love to do. You smile so big when you’re clapping your hands! You also really got your pincer grasp down, which means nothing is safe! You find every little thing on the floor and, of course, it all goes straight to your mouth!

We also discovered that you love watching videos of yourself this month. At first I thought it was just because it’s a baby, but you don’t enjoy videos of other babies on the same level. You especially love videos of yourself laughing. I wish I could get a video of you laughing at yourself laughing!

Love you all!

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