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Once upon a time, there was an obsessive-complusive, ultra-organized girl who never left home without her face on and had her whole life planned out for her. Four years to Bachelors of Science in physics, four years in medical school, three years of residency, then she’s an OBGYN (only then, could she consider this whole “family” thing).

Scratch that, let’s just do the “family” thing instead.

Instead, three years later she’s married at 20, has a kid, and has a strong bias against the thing she was once to become.

Second generation black sheep, child of divorce, sexual abuse survivor, ex-party girl, gamer geek, madly in love with a ginger, holistic mommy, breastfeeder, loner, impulsive to a fault, constant reader, geek, smart, knitter, pretty, student, SaHM. This is me.

I’m Claire. I live in Utah and I spend my days taking care of my two girls. I’m also going to school to become a biology teacher. Things I like (in no particular order): my girls, my husband, my pets, knitting, baking, television, going out to eat, reading, quiet moments, blogging, music, the internets, video games, friends, knowledge. Things I don’t like (in no particular order): booby traps, mama guilt, clutter, flaky people, too much sweet without a glass of milk, not being able to function because my house is too messy, scary movies (why would I waste my time being afraid of every bump in the night for the next few hours?), chocolate, anything mundane. I feel like I couldn’t find myself before I found these two lovely girls. I honestly don’t like that person I used to be. They’ve made me into a better person, the one I was meant to be.

This is my husband, Curtis. He’s pretty neat. He’s a software developer and awesome dad. He loves to play video games, play Magic: The Gathering, play basketball, and watch television with me when he’s not spending time with his girls. We went to the same high school, but didn’t really meet until I was a senior and he was in college. We’ve been together over seven years, living together over six, and married for almost five (as of this writing). I can honestly say that it’s wonderful to not only be married to my lover, but my best friend.

DSC_0399This is Peanut (her real name is Dea). She turned 4 in March. She loves playing with her little sister, coloring, reading books, cuddles with mommy and daddy, Word World, and Paranorman. She’s freakishly intelligent, assertive, stubborn, one-tracked minded, needy, and beautiful. She often brings out the worst in me, but she also brings out the best. While she’s often very difficult to deal with, I’m also excited to see who she becomes. She may be a pain now, but all of these traits will be just lovely in an adult. Nothing will stop her.

You're the queen of the cheesy smile.

You’re the queen of the cheesy smile.

This is Twig (her real name is Meredith). She’s a year and a half (as of this writing) and definitely shows her age. She’s stubborn, just like big sis and she’s determined. She will try something over and over until she gets it, not matter how much she gets hurt in the process. She loves her mama and is incredibly shy around people she doesn’t know. She loves to do anything that her sister does. She’s my human wrecking ball.

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  1. Happy New Year. I know you don’t know me, but I would like to wish you good luck with the birth of Twig. I found your blog when I became pregnant, and I have been following closely ever since. So many of your posts reflect exactly what I feel but can’t put into words. I hope your birth goes smoothly and quickly and results in a happy and healthy mom, baby, and family.

  2. I just found your blog while searching about “Baby Mum Mums”. I enjoy reading your posts…keep them coming! Just a side note, my baby girl was born in January 2012 too =)

  3. i just stumbled across your blog, such a cute blog you have. kudos to you.
    keep up the good work, haven’t gone through all your entries but will definitely complete it in time as it seems you have published a lot of articles.


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