CLOSED-ecoAlternatives Mamacloth Review and Giveaway! Ends 3.27 Worldwide

I’ll be honest, before I had kids, the idea of a reusable menstrual product freaked me out. Then again, the idea of washing something that someone had pooped on also freaked me out. As did newborn babies because of their floppy heads. Alright, that last one still freaks me out. 😛

I was freaked out by reusable menstrual products regardless of the fact of how much I hated the disposable kind. I’m sure many, if not most, woman hate disposable pads and tampons. They’re just not comfortable. At best they’re uncomfortable and at worse they’re down right irritating. And that’s in your Most. Sensitive. Areas. But like most women, I didn’t know any better.

When I decided to remove my hormonal IUD and use fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy instead (one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!), my periods consequentially got heavier and more regular. The hormones in the IUD were making me basically just spot occasionally, so I just went back to having a normal period. After going through cloth diapering (and, to be honest, all the other gross things that parents deal with and therefore being desensitized in general), reusable menstrual items didn’t seem so gross. It actually seemed like a great idea. So I got a Diva Cup and fell in love with it, then after using it just a few times decided to have another baby and get knocked up on the first try. That was a short-lived love affair.

So I had a blissful 9 months of no period that comes along with being pregnant. Of course, as all of you mamas out there know, after the baby is born, your body proceeds to make up for that 9 months of missed periods over the time period of a few weeks. And you can’t use tampons, and therefore no Diva Cup. And I hate pads. What was I going to do?

That’s when I found ecoAlternatives. This shop is full of cute mama cloth and other adorable baby items. I decided that if I had to use pads, I might as well make the environmentally (and budget-friendly in the long run) choice to use cloth. Just like with cloth diapers. So I contacted Traci, the very friendly owner of ecoAlternatives, and she happily agreed to send me one for review.

Isn't that cute?!

Traci was nice enough to send me some breast pads too and they are definitely some of my favorites in my rotation. They hold in leaks like no other, but at the same time don’t feel as wet as some of the other breast pads do. I love how cloth breast pads breathe so I don’t have to worry as much about getting thrush again (which I blame on the disposables, along with my lack of knowledge about doing things like airing out my nipples), but often they feel really wet after even little leaks. Some of my breast pads I saved from last time can’t even handle my forceful letdown and leak through constantly. These handle the flow, feel comfortable, and are breathable. Traci must know her stuff when it comes to what fabrics to use!

Once again, aren't those cute?! Traci has great taste in fabric!

Once the first few days of the intense bleeding were over (and the pad was washed post-my water breaking all over it), I happily tried it out. I immediately saw a difference. Mama cloth is fantastic!

Disposable pads hurt. They’re scratchy and give me what basically feels like rug burn (on my Most. Sensitive. Areas!) and just aren’t comfortable. It feels like my underwear is made of scratchy wool. I hate them. My new ecoAlternatives pad, on the other hand, feels comfy! Like incredibly comfy! It’s like a little pillow for my girly bits! That’s especially nice when you’re recovering from birth. Plus no rug burn! I didn’t know I could actually like a pad!

Since the budget is tight right now because of our debt snowball and I was able to get a bunch of disposable pads for free, this is the only reusable pad I used in my postpartum rotation. Every time I had to take off my ecoAlternatives pad and put on a disposable pad again, I was sad. Luckily with a newborn going through so many diapers, it was washed frequently enough that I was still able to wear it every day.

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Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner is Rachel DeHart.


Oh Katy Diaper Review

Get ready for the Peanut and baby photo shoot!

As many of you know, we are on the tail end of Peanut’s diaper life. She’s been potty training for about two months now and I think she’s getting the hang of it. Since we’re potty training, she’s diaper free for most of the day, but during naps and night time she’s still rockin’ the cloth diapers. I love cloth diapers. Seriously So. Frickin’. Cute. We’ve been using almost exclusively gDiapers since Peanut was big enough to fit in them, but honestly I’ve been wanting to broaden my horizons. So when I saw Oh Katy diapers at the Great Cloth Diaper Change, I had to get some!

Peanut's baby in an Oh Katy diaper. It's large on baby, but that's a tiny diaper!

And I must say, I’m impressed! Not only do these diapers get super, super tiny for newborns (see picture to the right), but they also can hold up to toddler sized waterfalls of pee! It’s amazing! And, while I still love my gDiapers, I’m very happy to have diapers that always smell fresh and delightful (since you reuse the outside cover on the gDiapers, it gets stinky after a while).

Butt in the air Peanut. 😛

Peanut has been undoing her gDiapers for quite some time now (the velcro in the back helps, but it’s still velcro), but she can’t undo these for the life of her! Very, very nice commodity when your poopy toddler is being impatient. You can even wrap them up this special way so don’t have to carry a wetbag! What an idea!

Peanut and baby smiling for the camera

I am thoroughly impressed with these diapers. It’s a local {to me} mama who makes them and she’s just a lovely person. I really enjoyed chatting with her. I’m excited to use these on Twig and I love that they’ll fit him/her from day 1 until {theoretically} 5 years! I just hope Twig doesn’t stay in diapers that long.

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Congrats Vashti McMurray! You are the winner of the Oh Katy diaper! 

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Nursing Peanut before the changing.

Saturday was The Great Cloth Diaper Change. I’m sad that I didn’t blog about it earlier so that people would know to participate, but last week was finals and my brain was dead for a few good days afterwards. Honestly, I’d forgotten about it until I noticed it in my calendar Thursday-ish, so it’s a good thing I made it at all.

The event was amazing. It was so cool to see so many cloth diapering families come together. I was amazed how many husbands were there too! I thought about making mine come, but decided he should be allowed to sleep in on Saturday (the doors opened at 9am and we had to drive an hour to get there). There were goody bags and booths full of attachment parenting items. Even a drawing for prizes.

Holding Peanut up post-changing.

The Utah event was put together by the people who run and Cloth Diaper Utah (along with other sponsors). It was really fun to hear stories of people who cloth diapered twenty years ago when it wasn’t so popular. I’m proud to say that my mom cloth diapered my brother and me when we were babies and she came with me. She also took some awesome pictures of the event for me.

The end number in Utah was 63 babies, but there were 400 sites world-wide (and Australia had to change them at 2:30am!) so the number for the Guinness Book of World Records will be much higher than that. This is an amazing way to bring awareness to such a wonderful and simple (yes, cloth diapering really is simple) aspect of attachment parenting. Changing this one thing about your parenting not only limits your baby’s exposure to chemicals, but also helps the planet immensely. I urge all parents to at least look in to cloth diapers. They aren’t as difficult as they look and things have changed a ton since the days when we were all babies. Not to mention saving an incredible amount of money. Seriously, almost all parenting decisions I make are because I’m cheap and/or lazy.

Did you participate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change? Do you cloth diaper? Are you interested in cloth diapering? Please post any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them! 

Oh My gDiapers

gDiapers. Have I said how much I fricking love these things?

Holy cute for something meant to be shit in!
Sure, there was a bit of a learning curve. We had some problems with leaking. But to be honest, we’ve had problems with leaking in any kind of diaper. Peanut has some anorexic-type baby legs and diapers just aren’t made for that. So, once we got the hang of the things, they turned out to be my favorite diapers.

We moved to the gDiapers right before she was 8 lbs (the recommended weight) which was too soon because I’m impatient and hastey. That didn’t work out and I just chalked it up to her being too small. After hitting 8 lbs, we tried and failed again–this time I decided that her skinny legs were to blame. Only later did I find out I was doing it wrong. There is one very important step when putting on the gDiaper that was mentioned a million times on their website, but somehow I still seemed to miss it.

This is the diaper liner when you first put it on. Make sure to tuck it into the crease between your babe’s leg fat and girley (or boy-ey) parts.

I know what you’re thinking. “Is there really a difference?” Less than an inch, but that inch is the difference between leaky diaper and not leaky diaper.

It is VERY important that you litterally take the liner and tuck it into the crease between their “parts” and leg. You know, that lovely leg flap right there that’s always collecting poo? Yeah, that. They say “right in the crease of their legs like underwear” right on a video on the site, but I still didn’t get it. I AREZ SMRT!!!

So after getting the flushable inserts thing down (with a couple clogs… DON’T FORGET TO SWISH!!!) we moved on to cloth inserts. I bought some and made some. Quite honestly, I like mine more. I just took some of the microfiber cloths and surrounded them in plain old cloth diaper material and sewed around the edges. This will be further explained in a future post after I do my medium/large sized ones and perfect the method a bit.

We still use the flushable inserts at night and I change her once during the night. With the cloth inserts, I change her about every 2-3 hours and we normally don’t have problems with leaks unless I forget to change her.

I just recieved my medium sized g’s and I’m excited to use the new ones with new colors, but also very sad that OMFG MY BABY IS ALREADY IN A MEDIUM?!?! Overall, I’m happy we decided to go with gDiapers and stuck with them long enough to figure it out.

Wanna try g’s? Use this code to get $30 dollars off (so it’s 40 dollars) of a 6 pack of everyday g’s. g729Lindstrom