Leading Lady Nursing Bra Review

Style 408

The bra I chose (style 408).

Throughout the almost 3 years that I was nursing Peanut by herself, I only really wore nursing tank tops. Shortly after she was born, I went to a local breastfeeding store and bought a nursing bra that fit perfectly, but even though the fit was right, it was still wrong for me. It was a really cliche nursing bra. No padding, no wire, covering more than a swimsuit does. It just felt so boring and, honestly, felt almost like I wasn’t wearing a bra at all when I wore it. The nursing tanks at least held me in, so I started wearing just the nursing tank tops.

Then when Peanut got to the age where she wasn’t nursing as often (somewhere over a year old), I went out and bought a normal-for-me bra again and loved it. It was a hassle to move for nursing and it wasn’t very comfortable, but it was pretty, which I liked. Even though no one sees them, pretty under-things can do a lot for one’s self esteem and confidence. Definitely not a bra I’d like to deal with when I had a small baby who wanted to eat really frequently (plus who wants to add any extra stress or pain when you have a wee one?), so I figured I’d go back to just the nursing tanks when Twig was born.

Style 4044

Then Leading Lady came to me asking if I’d like to do a bra review. I looked at the bras and they were all very pretty. That’s means they have to be uncomfortable, right? Or maybe since they’re nursing bras, that means they won’t give me any support? I was conflicted, to say the least. I decided that I would try it out since it would be really nice to feel pretty and be functional as their claims suggested I would, but I didn’t have very high hopes.

Oh boy, am I happy to say I was wrong!

First off, their customer service is superb. I was really concerned about ordering a bra off the internet. How would I figure out what size to buy? How would I know which style I liked? Just how could this possibly work?!?

Turns out they have a really easy sizing system. Just two quick measurements (and a picture to show you exactly where to measure, which has always been my problem with buying clothes online) and it pops out a size for you. You can even print a tape measurer!

Style 5048

Then there’s a variety of bras to choose from, based on activity. Do you want a comfy bra for while you’re at home? Possibly one for the gym? Do you have problems with plugged ducts, therefore you won’t want an underwire? Their site is divided easily into the purpose for the bra, so there’s no fiddling through hundreds of bras trying to figure out exactly which one you want. I chose style 408 from the underwire collection.

It’s so pretty! It’s so functional! It’s fantastic! I think I’m happier with this bra than I’ve been with any of my non-nursing bras I’ve ever worn. Seriously. I feel beautiful with this on under my clothes and it’s so quick and easy to undo. Even tandem nursing, it’s fantastic. So easy to unclip and it tucks entirely out of the way, which is great because Twig doesn’t like anything touching her face while she nurses. I still haven’t figured out what to do to cover my belly if I pull up my shirt to nurse, but I either wear a tank top over it still, which is a nice combination, or I wear a shirt that I can pull the top down to nurse.

I honestly love this bra so much that I’m planning on ordering another (on my own dime!). They have a lovely new Spring Collection that was just released in March and I’m loving some of the new additions. Look at that super cute nursing tank above and on the right. I think I could wear that as a shirt all by itself! Possibly with a cardigan over it in the winter? Or this super cute bra on the left, which is darling in pink, but will be available in white in the very near future. Cute and comfy!

I may just take advantage of their Father’s Day lace bra sale! You should too! Thinking a bra is a really peculiar Father’s Day gift? Well what better way to show dad you love him than with a new lacy bra? I’m sure my husband would enjoy that! The sale starts June 14th, but you can start getting your $5 off lace bras today with the code LACE5.