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As I’m sure you all know, the early days of nursing are full of late nights and lots of questions. When Peanut was a baby, these two things often coincided. This can be a problem when you want answers now (I’m horribly impatient) and everyone else in the world is asleep.

So I looked on the internet.

I’m far from the first mom who has used the internet as her primary source of information in the early days of nursing. Back in these days I didn’t know anyone who had nursed long-term and I didn’t have any breastfeeding books (like the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, which is now my go-to). I would ask questions at La Leche League meetings, but calling a leader felt too foreign to me. So the internet became my breastfeeding helper.

IMG_0272The problem is that so many sites are promoting information that is outdated, biased, or just plain wrong. It’s so hard for a new mama to not fall trap to one of these sites giving bad information. Actually, that’s a big reason why I started this blog.

When I went searching for an answer to one of my frequent questions, I stumbled upon Kellymom. I fell in love with the site immediately. Not only is virtually every breastfeeding scenario I can come up with discussed, but this site is chock full of citations. The site doesn’t just tell you the right way to do things, it tells you why it’s right.

So Kellymom became my number one place to search out breastfeeding answers. Forget Googling, I’ll Kellymom it. And Kellymom has never let me down. Over the years I’ve added some other trustworthy sources, such as The Womanly Art and the LLL website, but Kellymom is still my go to.

These days, with almost four and a half years of straight nursing under my belt, I have a lot of friends who come to me with questions. I love that I’m a person people can turn to. Often, these questions are over Facebook, which means I’m answering them online. Almost every time I answer a question, there’s a link (or two!) to Kellymom. It’s just such a great resource!

I’m happy to be spreading the word about Kellymom. Hopefully my shouts about this amazing site will reach someone who hasn’t found their trustworthy site yet and save them some grief. I know its certainly helped me on my journey.


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Motherlove More Milk Plus

I have always had an incredibly slow letdown. My letdown takes somewhere from 3-5 minutes. I’ve never timed it exactly, but it’s pretty obviously slow. Peanut used to fuss and scratch/grab me to try to make it faster, but now it’s just normal for us. I’ve tried all of the techniques to speed it up, but nothing has ever worked. I also can’t get letdown while pumping ever. Not to say that I don’t get milk while pumping, but I always have to work really hard at it and it comes out very slowly. I think that I’ve actually accomplished letdown while pumping all of two times (not including times that she was nursing on the other side of course).

Really, we’ve gotten used to the slow letdown. The only real problem is getting her to sleep. Peanut needs a big rush of milk to go to sleep and she fights sleep really, really hard. So sometimes when she’s in an especially non-sleeping—while still incredibly tired—toddler, she’ll nurse on both sides and not be asleep. Then she can’t get asleep from nursing and I end up taking her for a drive in the car.

So when Motherlove contacted me about reviewing some of their products (I’ll have another review up sometime next week on their Green Salve) I was ecstatic. The first thing that popped out at me was their More Milk Plus capsules.

Motherlove just celebrated their 20th anniversary which means they’ve been making save, effective, non-toxic products since before other companies thought it was necessary. Their products are all 0’s on Skin Deep! These capsules are entirely organic and herbal—which is very important to me. They’re also vegetarian which is a big plus. You’re supposed to take them 4 times a day, but I’ll be honest—I never really remembered to take them that often. I just kept them on my counter and took one every time I saw it. I think I’ve only actually done 3 in a day though. You’re also supposed to wait 15 minutes after taking one to drink/eat anything (and I would assume before also?), but I didn’t do that either. I know, I know, I’m bad.

So even with me not taking the pills as I’m technically supposed to, they entirely fixed my problem! My letdown now probably takes a minute or less! It’s amazing! I hadn’t even realized how much better it could be! I swear I probably save at least 5 minutes (if not more) every time I put Peanut to sleep. Yeah, five minutes isn’t much, but it’s five more minutes of me time which feels like a big deal. Plus it’s less time I have to lay in bed trying not to fall asleep. 😛

Who wouldn’t want to own some More Milk Plus? Guess what? You get a chance to! One lucky reader will win a free nursing necklace from Little Nurslings! How do you win such a thing?!?!?!

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