Knitted Wool Longies

As I’ve mentioned, I love wool diaper covers.

By the way, there’s still just over a week left enter the giveaway for a wool soaker from Zinny Jane. There’s not a ton of entries yet and it’s super easy to enter!

So when Twig was born, I decided to knit her some wool longies. It took quite some time with a newborn and toddler, but I’m so happy I made them. They’re super cute and work perfectly as a diaper cover. No leaking whatsoever and they only feel a bit damp if I need to lanolize, which is true to all wool.

The pattern was really easy and is located here. I did the knit flat pattern in newborn and even though Twig is above the recommended weight (or at least she was 3 ounces below it a month ago, so I’m assuming she is now), she still fits in them. I made the legs plenty long, so she’ll outgrow the rise before the legs I’m certain. She seems to have relatively short legs anyway, because some of her 3-6 month clothes fit everywhere except the length of the legs.

I’ll definitely be knitting these again one size up as soon as I finish my current project of a blanket for my mother-in-law and a wool soaker for Peanut at night. Of course I have a lot of projects in my head, but this one is definitely on my short list of making soon. Speaking of my projects, if any of you knitters are interested, friend me on Ravelry! I almost have my whole stash on there (my aunt gave me an insane amount of yarn because shes so awesome) and I’ve been keeping track of my projects there too. Loving that site.