Motherlove Green Salve Review and Giveaway!

It seems Miss Peanut has a sensitive bum.

It’s silly that it’s taken me over a year to figure this out, but I guess when you have cloth diapers you don’t notice such things. The few times we’ve used a disposable diaper, she always gets a little red. Really though, we’ve used them so infrequently that it just simply didn’t occur to me. Thank goodness I was planning on cloth diapers from the start so I never had to deal with transferring over because of a rashy baby.

Back to the point—rashy Peanut. After not swimming all winter long (I know! Who doesn’t swim in winter!??!), we had a playdate planned to meet a friend and her daughter at a local splash pad. Getting ready to head out the door, I go grab her swim diaper. Oh my, this looks mighty small now. Let’s see if it still fits. Oh boy, it certainly does not. So we decided to drop by Target and buy some disposable swim diapers. I figured that I would order a new cloth one off the internet and this one time wouldn’t hurt, right?

Yeah, you can’t just buy one swim diaper. They come in a pack of 20.

So I quickly decided that we would just have to use these ones up before buying a new cloth one. Why would I waste all those swim diapers? They’re not cheap either! I could get a cloth diaper for how much I paid for those!

Then, of course, Miss Peanut gets a rash from them. Every. Single. Time. That she’s worn one, she’s gotten a rash. Luckily, it’s not anything too awful, just kind of a redness-all-over kind of thing. I let her go diaper free for most of the rest of the day and we’re alright.

Then enters Motherlove’s Green Salve.

When Motherlove contacted me wanting me to review some of their products (see the review for More Milk Plus here), I knew that the Green Salve sounded like a good fit for my family. My husband has some pretty awful eczema and I’ve been looking for ages to find something he can put on it other than that nasty prescription cream.

Of course, life likes to laugh at me.

Little did I know, my husband doesn’t have eczema hardly at all in the summer! It makes sense and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. I think my brain has just been so scattered with the Breastfeeding Cafe and moving and school that I’ve forgotten to think.

So I used the Green Salve on a nasty patch of eczema I had on my knuckle (which, btw, went away within a couple days after nothing else worked over a series of months), but I needed something else to test it on. Then Peanut turns up with one of her swimming rashes.

Wait a second! The site specifically says “softens rashes” on the description of the Green Salve! I’ll try it on Peanut’s bum!

Oh. My Goodness.

Gone! Within hours! Not a whole day or two like normal! This stuff is amazing!

I will openly admit that with a more severe rash she had later (she gets huge open sores if she sits in a poopy diaper for more than 5 minutes), it didn’t work so amazingly. It certainly helped, but just not as much. For the just redness all over though, it was awesome.

And you know when you put diaper cream on your babe and it’s all over your hands and even after scrubbing it off at the sink it’s still all over everything? You can just rub this stuff in! It works better than lotion for my cracked cuticles (yeah, I bite my cuticles, so what?).

So are you ready to win some of this awesome salve? Here’s how you do it!

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