Review: SKOY Cloths

I tend to get behind on my Google Reader—very, very behind. So in my catching up, I was reading some pretty old posts from Crunch Domestic Goddess when I stumbled upon the Ditch the Disposables Challenge. The entire time I was reading it I was thinking “Yes! Exactly what I need! I can just do one thing and it won’t be so overwhelming!” I already do things like use cloth bags at the grocery store (actually I use them where ever I shop and if I forget them I force myself to carry what I bought out of “punishment”), cloth diapers, I have a Kleen Kanteen, and really I try to do anything I can to not throw stuff away during the day. Recently though, I’ve run out of ideas. I thought this was a great challenge for me and got really excited… until I read the dates—it’s already ended.

Of course, just because I’m not part of the official challenge doesn’t mean I can’t challenge myself! So I decided to switch from paper towels to SKOY cloths. I was a bit skeptical at first because I use paper towels when something is too messy or icky for me to clean up with a dishtowel. I figured that it would get gross really quickly, but the website says that they’re machine wash- and dry-able, dishwasher safe, and you can microwave them for quick sanitizing. They also have a program where you can get 8 cloths every 3-6 months with free shipping for $11.98. That’s what I did, but I canceled the subscription immediately because I figure when I need new ones, I’ll subscribe again and know how often I need them.

When I got them, the first thing I did was hide my paper towels. I don’t want to cheat by cleaning up the really bad messes with disposables or accidentally grab disposables out of habit. I opened them up right as I was about to sit down with a big bowl of vegetarian chili and watch So You Think You Can Dance. I usually use a paper towel to cover my food, so I used a wet SKOY cloth. They tell you to get them wet before using them—quite frankly it’s difficult to do much with them when they’re not wet because they dry very hard. Chili-microwave-protection-test passed with flying colors. I was even able to use it on the bottom of the bowl afterward to carry it so I wouldn’t burn my hands (something I usually use a dishtowel for). Though on second thought, it wouldn’t really work with a plate, so I’ll have to find out something else to do there. Maybe I’ll get something like this.

I’ve been using them for a bit over a week now and I’m honestly feeling incredibly happy with them. I haven’t missed my disposable paper towels at all. The most interesting thing that they changed for me was that I use less sanitizing wipes. I bought some for cleaning up the cloth diaper cleaning area and started using them on the kitchen counters when there are things stuck or they’re really messy because they work so much better than a wet paper towel—not wet SKOY paper towels! SKOY cloths get messes off of my counter easily and then it washes right off of the cloth. I haven’t even felt the need to wash it yet because it stays so clean. Also don’t have to worry about bacteria because as long as you ring them out well, they dry quickly and thoroughly.

My only beef with them isn’t even really beef—they’re not so good for wiping off your face. We’re not really a napkin home. I used to use one paper towel to keep my food from getting all over the microwave (when cooking in the microwave, which is something I’m trying not to do so much) and then use it to wipe my face as I eat. The SKOY cloths are just kind of weird to wipe on your face. So this has made me decide that I need to get cloth napkins (or probably make them myself).

And they’re pretty too!

I’m happy that I made the switch and I think it’s something that everyone should look into. Not only are paper towels expensive and quite often not efficient for what you want to use them for, they’re hurting your planet! We all need to work to be more eco-conscious because the way we’re living isn’t sustainable. So go try them out! Worst case scenerio you don’t like them and your little experiment still cost less than a big bag of disposable paper towels at Costco.

This review was done just because I thought the product was pretty fricking awesome and wanted to give it a thumbs up. SKOY cloth hasn’t given me free stuffz and didn’t ask me to do this review. How’s that for a disclaimer!


Oh My gDiapers

gDiapers. Have I said how much I fricking love these things?

Holy cute for something meant to be shit in!
Sure, there was a bit of a learning curve. We had some problems with leaking. But to be honest, we’ve had problems with leaking in any kind of diaper. Peanut has some anorexic-type baby legs and diapers just aren’t made for that. So, once we got the hang of the things, they turned out to be my favorite diapers.

We moved to the gDiapers right before she was 8 lbs (the recommended weight) which was too soon because I’m impatient and hastey. That didn’t work out and I just chalked it up to her being too small. After hitting 8 lbs, we tried and failed again–this time I decided that her skinny legs were to blame. Only later did I find out I was doing it wrong. There is one very important step when putting on the gDiaper that was mentioned a million times on their website, but somehow I still seemed to miss it.

This is the diaper liner when you first put it on. Make sure to tuck it into the crease between your babe’s leg fat and girley (or boy-ey) parts.

I know what you’re thinking. “Is there really a difference?” Less than an inch, but that inch is the difference between leaky diaper and not leaky diaper.

It is VERY important that you litterally take the liner and tuck it into the crease between their “parts” and leg. You know, that lovely leg flap right there that’s always collecting poo? Yeah, that. They say “right in the crease of their legs like underwear” right on a video on the site, but I still didn’t get it. I AREZ SMRT!!!

So after getting the flushable inserts thing down (with a couple clogs… DON’T FORGET TO SWISH!!!) we moved on to cloth inserts. I bought some and made some. Quite honestly, I like mine more. I just took some of the microfiber cloths and surrounded them in plain old cloth diaper material and sewed around the edges. This will be further explained in a future post after I do my medium/large sized ones and perfect the method a bit.

We still use the flushable inserts at night and I change her once during the night. With the cloth inserts, I change her about every 2-3 hours and we normally don’t have problems with leaks unless I forget to change her.

I just recieved my medium sized g’s and I’m excited to use the new ones with new colors, but also very sad that OMFG MY BABY IS ALREADY IN A MEDIUM?!?! Overall, I’m happy we decided to go with gDiapers and stuck with them long enough to figure it out.

Wanna try g’s? Use this code to get $30 dollars off (so it’s 40 dollars) of a 6 pack of everyday g’s. g729Lindstrom